As a full service provider in this field we offer our customers the complete range of services. We pass on our many years of experience and specialised knowledge to our customers and partners in intensive training sessions.

The training sessions contain classic basic sheet metal working knowledge such as the available material types and their properties, cutting and edge bending processes and also welding processes and their fields of application and their advantages and drawbacks. Furthermore, we look at the individual needs and requirements of customers and their sheet metal components more closely in the training sessions. We work out optimisations together with the customer using customer-specific processing examples.

Training performance data

  • Laser and autogenous metal sheets
  • Laser cutting with CO2 and fibre laser
  • Bending processes (dies and bend radii)
  • Welding processes
  • Tolerances and standards

The aim of these training sessions is a mutual understanding for industrial sheet metal processing. The customer is thus already able to create the best possible conditions for high-quality and smooth-running production and thus on-time delivery of sheet metal parts at the design and drawing production stage.

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