NEUMAIER obtains grant

10. Mär 2017

State development programme "Spitze auf dem Land" (RegioStars)

NEUMAIER obtains a grant of 334,800 euro within the framework of the state development programme "Spitze auf dem Land" (RegioStars) from the European Regional Development Fund "ERDF" for the planned construction of a production hall connected to the existing company building.

The desire is to make internal procedures more efficient with the new building, to increase production and sales performance, maintain competitiveness, increase the innovative capability and contribute to reducing the environmental impact.

The demands on sheet metal processing increase constantly. Our customers demand high quality standards with short lead times and increasingly complex sheet metal assemblies. The operating processes can be coordinated with each other even better and rapid lead times therefore achieved thanks to the new building. Combined with modern machinery we can continue to increase our performances in industrial sheet metal processing with the new building. This enables us to consolidate employment in the rural area and also offers the opportunity to create new jobs.

In the business sector of systems engineering and as the exclusive systems partner of Linde Material Handling, one of the global leader manufacturers of fork lift trucks and warehouse technology machinery, the new building is an investment in the future. We want to meet and secure the growing demands on our company and our products in the long term. Our innovative products for warehousing technology, above all the load train system Factory Train, achieve a high level of recognition on the international market. And the development is by no means completed: many new possibilities for our load train system Factory Train result in intralogistics with "Industry 4.0" and the automation of internal logistic processes. We will continue to adapt our products to the market requirements of the future and expand our innovative capability with more and more developments.

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