ZF-TRW drives Factory Train load train

ZF Group / TRW Airbag Systems GmbH, Laage

Automotive supplier uses the Factory Train load train from Neumaier for its intralogistics supply

The ZF Group / TRW Airbag Systems GmbH at the Laage facility in the North of Germany has opted for the Neumaier Factory Train load train for its intralogistics supply. In order to decide on the right system, TRW went to the trouble of bringing a number of load train systems to the facility in order to test them on site. After testing all sorts of systems, the decision was made fairly quickly and easily. "We chose the Neumaier train because it was the only solution specifically designed for outdoor use", explains Maik Bredlow, Head of Storage & Shipping Department. "All the other trains we had on site were upgraded indoor trains, all of which were fairly inflexible when it came to the trailers. Neumaier offered us customised solutions, designed to suit our needs and requirements", continues Bredlow.

The Factory Train load train (FT830 with a loading capacity of 3000 kg), which has been in use at ZF / TRW in Laage since mid-2019, is specially tailored to the customer's requirements. The Factory Train consists of a Linde P250 tow tractor and three load carriers. Two of them are platform load carriers, which can be loaded or unloaded on one side directly from the forklift trucks and on the other side with warehousing equipment via a folding ramp. The third load carrier is a frame with 3 vertical columns for holding up to 6 trolleys. ZF / TRW transports trolleys in the frame. Maik Bredlow: "We use two different types of trolleys here, large trolleys and small trolleys, to transport the semi-finished products to and from the individual production lines. Therefore, we needed a solution with which the trolley could be lifted and secured without the material being damaged".

As the Factory Train is mainly used outdoors, the load train is equipped with a windproof and watertight weather protection system that automatically opens and closes when the lifting unit is operated. As an additional feature, the interior lighting of the load carrier automatically switches on when the weather protection system is open.

Maik Bredlow is extremely satisfied with the Neumaier load train: "We have now been using the train for around three months and we are very happy with it! We have significantly reduced our travel distances and we actually get the material to where it is needed. Reducing the amount of traffic in turn ensures a high level of safety at work".

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