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Innovative load train solutions, customised to the individual requirements of the customers – this is the goal of the new cooperation between Jungheinrich AG and Neumaier Industry GmbH & Co. KG.

INDUSTRY TRAIN load train series IT800 with outdoor chassis modules and various laod carrier systems. Towing vehicle Jungheinrich electric tow tractor EZS 570.
INDUSTRY TRAIN load train series IT500 for indoor use with C-frame load carrier. Towing vehicle Jungheinrich electric tow tractor EZS 570.

The INDUSTRY TRAIN load train from Neumaier is a combination of standardized chassis modules and individually designed load carrier systems. Two different types of chassis are available for indoor and outdoor use. The loading capacity can be up to 3 tons per load carrier. Different load carrier systems are available for the pick-up and transport of customer carriers. From the simple C-frame, to E-frames with adjustable forks, up to highly complex load carrier systems for the transport of several trolleys in one load carrier. The special feature: It is not the customer carrier that adapts to the load train, but the load train adapts to the carrier and the customer requirements.

Together with the Jungheinrich EZS electric tow tractors, the INDUSTRY TRAIN load is a powerful intralogistics solution. All components in the load train are networked with each other and act as one complete machine. High safety standards, innovative future-proof technology and a high degree of customer orientation guarantee the customer a stable and safe process in the internal material supply.

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