Mounting assemblies

In sheet metal processing, we not only produce simple sheet metal parts, but also specialise in the production of complex and ready-to-install assembly components for our customers. The service requires sheet metal processing with a high vertical range of manufacture. The sheet metal parts are cut and folded. Mechanical processing is carried out, assemblies are welded together in our internal welding department and then are passed to our partner suppliers for surface finishing.

The customer assemblies are then finalised in the assembly department. The mechanical and self-fabricated sheet metal parts and sheet metal assemblies are combined with the other components, including pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic parts, and assembled into a module. This can be implemented in single-part production or in series production.

Quality assurance
Production of complex assembly components

As a system supplier, we offer our customers in sheet metal processing a complete package. We take care of the entire project from production planning and procurement of external components to organisation and management of suppliers and complete dispatch handling, including assembly and packing (also to overseas destinations). This provides our customers with greater security when planning their products and production schedules.

Our quality assurance processes ensure that only approved parts leave the premises. Our customers receive 100% quality.

Production of complex assembly components
Production of complex assembly components

We have many years of experience and knowledge when it comes to the assembly of mechatronic components. In the Systems Technology division, we develop, design and manufacture our own mechatronic systems and machines. For example, the rotatable driver's workstations for forklift trucks and the Factory Train load train system. Our extensive experience in mechatronic systems can also be applied to the assembly of customer components in sheet metal processing.

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