Optimal 360° view and safety

13. Nov 2018

For clients from Norway and Belgium we have adjusted a total of 4 Linde heavy forklift trucks. Our clients use these to transport, amongst other things, heavy and bulky goods which would otherwise obstruct the view to the front. This would mean the driver having to drive backwards. Via a single push of the button or via a joystick the complete cabin can be rotated to the left up to 180° and to the right up to 65°.

Rotating cabin for Linde heavy forklift trucks 1401
Rotating cabin for Linde heavy forklift trucks 1401

The ability to rotate the cabin in the driving direction gives the driver the best possible view. Dangerous situations or accidents can be avoided. Additionally, there is an added level of comfort for the driver as he does not have to turn around when changing driving directions. A study of the professional association Trade and Goods Distribution (BGHW) showed that a rotating cabin reduces the physical stress for the driver by up to 60%.

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