Automated welding

Automated welding not only offers a high degree of process safety and welding seam quality, but also fast economic production. With a Trumpf TruLaser Robot 5020 laser welding machine and a Cloos welding robot for MIG-MAG welding, the NEUMAIER INDUSTRY offers just the right solution for cost-effective, high-precision welding.

Laser welding: Reduced costs & highest precision

Laser welding machine TruLaser Robot 5020 with rotation changer for simultaneous. loading.
Machine interior TruLaser Robot 5020 with laser welding robot.
Laser welding.

Laser welding is used above all for welding components that have to be joined with high welding speed, slim weld seam shape and with low thermal distortion.

Advantages of laser welding

  • Welding of complicated seam geometries
  • Pinpoint, precise energy introduction of low distortion welding
  • Minimum thermal material impact
  • No or only light reworking
  • High automation and welding speed
  • Quality monitoring and documentation of process data
  • High process safety due to fully automatic CNC-control
  • Thermal conduction welding for optically perfect welding seams
  • Deep welding for highest stability

Cloos welding robot: Automated welding

Cloos welding robot
Cloos welding robot
Cloos welding robot

The CNC-controlled Cloos robot welding machine offers maximum flexibility in automated welding. Thanks to two rotating/swivel work-piece positioners arranged side by side, the machine can be loaded and unloaded simultaneously. By uniting the two work-piece positioners, structural components with a length of up to 7 m can be welded.

Advantages of Cloos welding robot

  • High process safety and automation by CNC-control and laser sensor
  • Optimum seam course by on-line follow-up
  • Simultaneous loading and unloading
  • High welding speeds
  • Economical welding also of big components
  • High quality of welding seams

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