Elevating cabin for heavy forklift trucks - Best view in the case of bulky loads

The elevating cabin is the ideal solution for an optimum overview and therefore best possible safety when transporting large and heavy loads. The elevating cabin is used to reduce visual obstructions by large loads and thus enable safe transport. The driver always keeps a clear view and can transport heavy and bulky loads safely and rapidly.

Elevating cabin for heavy forklift trucks
Perfect view with the elevating cabin

Optimum circumferential visibility and safety

The elevating cabin has a travelling speed of 0.24 m/sec. and can be moved out within 10 seconds to the maximum height of approx. 5.5 m (top edge of driver cabin). The driver's eye height is about 5.2 m above the ground. Therefore perfect vision for the driver, who has everything in sight.

Simple and intuitive operation of the elevating cabin
Driver’s cabin of the elevating cabin
Good view of the load and in the direction of travel

High handling capacity

The combination of a deep load centre of gravity, the raised seat position and a connected reverse-drive camera ensure a good view of the load and the surroundings. The accident risk is minimized while increasing the handling capacity at the same time.

Advantages and benefits at a glance: Elevating cabin for heavy forklift trucks

  • Physical relief → High satisfaction of the drivers and less downtimes due to illness
  • Better view → Good view when transporting large loads
  • Increased safety → Reduction of dangerous situations and work accidents
  • Rapid load handling → Increase of handling capacity
  • Simple operation → Intuitive operation for safe handling
  • Robust construction → Long service life and low costs for maintenance and repairs

Models and types

The elevating cabin is available for the Linde heavy forklift truck of series 1401 of types H100 to H180.

NEUMAIER INDUSTRY – Developer and manufacturer

The elevating cabin is an option available for Linde forklift truck 1401 and is sold worldwide by Linde authorized dealers. As long-standing Linde systems partner we developed, designed and lead the elevating cabin together with Linde until it was ready to go on the market and into mass production. The production and manufacture of the rotating cabin is carried out entirely at our factory.

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