Water jet cutting: High-pressure cutting

A Bystronic water jet cutting machine, type ByJet is used at our company. A particularity of this machine is that it is equipped with 4 cutting heads and can therefore work in 4-head operation. This allows us to produce water jet cutting parts rapidly and therefore economically.

Water jet cutting supplements our production programme in the field of cutting procedures optimally. As well as the 3 laser cutting machines and the two autogenic cutting machines, we use all the conventional cutting procedures in our own business.

Water jet cutting performance data

1 x Bystronic water jet cutting machine ByJet

Cutting operation:
Cutting with up to 4 cutting heads

Working area:
max. 4,800 mm x 3,100 mm

Working pressure:
2,000 to 4,000 bar

Steel plate, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, rubber, wood, stone, unhardened glass and non-ferrous metals

Water jet cutting in 4 head operation
Water jet cutting

The material to be processed is cut by a high pressure water jet during water jet cutting. The highly compressed cold water jet guarantees a distortion-free cut in nearly every material. The structure is in no way impaired during the water jet procedure. Discolourations, such as occur during the thermal cutting procedure for example, do not appear in the case of water jet cutting either. A narrow cut width also guarantees low material loss.

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